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Garden Beats 
Official Teaser

For this year’s edition of Garden Beats Festival, the brief given was to create an inspirational teaser video to share the festival's creative vision and to help communicate its values: creativity, conscious living and mindfulness. 

The approach was simple and straightforward. Garden Beats exists within Singapore's cosmos, a highly urbanised island that displays beautiful architecture; it is also associated with the lush and historical Fort Canning Park that is home to the festival since its first edition.


Drawing inspiration from Singapore's Brutalist architecture from the 20th century, because of our office's close proximity with People's Park Complex and recently demolished, Pearl Bank, we felt that it'd be symbolic to pay homage to these endangered landmarks of the past. To personify Garden Beats' creativity within this organic yet concrete framework, Brittany Hutton (also the Festival Project Director) helped us with the casting and choreography of professional dancer, Cara Huang in the video to create a set of original shots.


The great work of photographer, Vinod Rai Sharma (NIN9 Studios), helped us embody this vision with a series of beautiful studio and landscape shots; the craftsmanship of Vitor Aguiar in creating artificial set environments, compositions and camera movements; the patience and persistence of everyone involved made up for a pleasant creative work experience.

Performer: Cara Huang
Choreography: Brittany Hutton
Photography: Vinod Rai Sharma (NIN9 Studios)
Make Up: Lema Ateba

Original Graphic Design concept: Circle Design
Motion Graphics: Vitor Aguiar
Concept and Direction: Pedro Gonçalves
Production: Sunshine Nation

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